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Our Story

Hey everyone, we are Matt and Josh. Two friends who love fitness and everything that comes with it. Matt once found himself terribly overweight after getting fired from his dream job, and set out to lose the weight and change his life – which he did, and now wants to help others achieve their goals. Josh is what we call a recovering vegan, he loves to help others with nutrition, gym organization, finding deals, and he’s able to balance his hectic lifestyle with staying fit and healthy.

Together we’re the Garage Gym Fit team, and we want to help you be your best self. We will help you build your first garage gym on a budget, hacks for engaging with a healthy lifestyle, and workout plans that’ll get anyone fit fast — especially if they don’t have much time! Lastly marry these two concepts together by providing an encouraging space where anyone can feel safe trying new things without judgement or fear of failure . We hope this information helped answer any questions about whether being active makes sense FOR YOU.

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