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Consistency = Weight Loss Success

Developing consistency can be difficult, but it’s important if you want to achieve success in any area of your life. This includes weight loss success. You need to be consistent in your efforts, whether that means waking up early every day to work on your business or eating healthy every day. When you’re able to develop a consistent routine, it becomes easier to achieve your goals and stay on track with your plans which leads to greater success when it comes to weight loss. This is the only way you will be successful.

The word “consistency” is thrown around a lot these days, but it doesn’t mean what you think. You may see something like “Wake up every day at 5:00 am and exercise before work” or “Eat healthy food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner” and decide that this person has an admirable lifestyle. But in reality they are just consistent with the same routine each day – their “routine” isn’t sustainable when life throws curve-balls your way. Consistency means being able to consistently create new habits according to your needs in order to thrive in any situation which leads to greater weight loss success.

The number one pitfall I see from people trying to get fit is lack of consistency. Building muscle mass takes an incredible amount of time and you need to be consistent and determined. The same goes for dieting.

Basic principles of a successful diet. Notice adherence encompasses all other principles. Source

Sorry to break it you but working out for a day, a week, or even a month won’t yield any appreciable result. It takes months or sometimes years. Lack of results and poor health? The likely culprit is lack of consistency.

How do we develop consistency? Well first and foremost you have to be upfront and honest with yourself. Only YOU can make the changes that necessary for success and only YOU are the one to take it seriously and want it bad enough to make it happen.

There are two things I have learned that has helped me develop a consistent lifestyle.

  1. Psychology. You have to get your mindset right. I would say this is most important. Its a psychological game. We need to always ask ourselves “How bad do we want it?”
  2. Tools like planners, apps, accountability partners will make our life easier and will take up less emotional capital in our minds.

You can have all the tools you want, but if you don’t have the psychology down you will not be successful.

Consistency is just a habit, and most habits we have to develop. According to Phillippa Lally; a health psychology researcher at University College London, a new habit usually takes a little more than 2 months — 66 days to be exact — and as much as 254 days until it’s fully formed. While that may seem daunting and overwhelming, don’t worry.


As you’ve probably noticed in your life, once you actually start doing something, it’s typically much easier than you thought it would be when you start. Exercising and eating healthy are prime examples of this. As humans, we like to do things we are familiar with. When we disrupt the status quo in our minds, we trigger a stress response, whether its real or perceived it doesn’t really make a difference in our minds. We like to do things we are familiar with, that’s just a fact. The longer you stay committed the greater the chances of weight loss success. The great Sir Isaac Newton said “A body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest.”

We need to create whats called a snowball effect. I’m sure you’ve seen the old Calvin and Hobbes comics where they start rolling a small snowball down the hill and it becomes bigger and bigger and gains more and more speed. That’s what we are talking about with momentum.

Snowball Effect

Start small. Put on your gym clothes. Take the preworkout. Good luck convincing yourself to skip the gym after that! Go for a walk first thing in the morning. Prep your meals for the day the night before.

You step on the scale, you see it moving in the right direction. You look in the mirror and look leaner. Boom. Consistency is paying off on your weight loss success journey.

These small baby steps will generate momentum and before you know it, everything will become second nature to you because momentum leads to consistency.

Creating a Successful Environment

Mindset is the most important factor in being consistent which leads to success. If we have all the right tools at our disposal but our psychology isn’t right, we won’t develop the discipline required to be successful.

Now, there are some great tools our there that can help make game of consistency easier. They won’t guarantee your success, but it can create an environment in which you are more likely to be successful.

One way to create a successful environment is to create a lifestyle that is sustainable. If you try to go balls to the wall day 1 you are almost guaranteed burnout and failure. Start Small. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We all have commitments, jobs, responsibilities. You have to design a program tailored to your current lifestyle and allows you to maintain consistency.

If you are working a full time job, are a president of the PTA, and are coaching your kids soccer team — A two hour a day 5 day a week workout split might not be the best choice for you.

Remember, this journey is a Marathon not a sprint.


There are a myriad of apps out there to help calculate and track calories and macros. My personal favorite, and one that I have been using for years is the RP Diet app. This app is amazing. It takes your height, weight, and activity level and uses AI to generate your macros every day. You also weigh in multiple times a week and the AI will auto adjust your macros for you. Makes life super simple.

Another app, although I haven’t used but have heard great things about is the Carbon App. This app is a little bit more advanced, but it was designed by Layne Norton who is one of the top nutritional scientists out there.

Last but not least is the My Macros + app. This one is pretty simple its just a plug and play app where you input your macros and log your food accordingly. This app is similar to My Fitness Pal. Simple yet effective.

All these apps are great options and I have had incredible weight loss success with them. I will dive into more detail about them in another blog post.

Program Design

Most beginner and intermediate lifters spend a lot of their time spinning their wheels in the gym, not following a consistent lifting program, wasting away any newbie gains they could have acquired. Find a program, track your progress, make gains. Progress meaning adding a rep, weight, or even a full set. If you have an intelligently designed program you will see results, which fuels more consistency (see snowball effect). I am not a paid by them, but just a huge fan of Renaissance Periodization workout templates.

Creating A System For Success

You are going to go through trials and errors trying to figure out a system for weight loss success. That is ok! Give yourself some grace. It took me a while to find a sustainable system which juggling a 56 hour work week, and two kids under 2. This is what worked for me personally:

  1. Wake up before the kids
  2. Eat a small, easily digestible breakfast (oats with whey isolate)
  3. (Optional) Take a preworkout supplement
  4. Jump into the garage and start lifting/warming up leaving all distractions inside the house
  5. Try not to check your phone (distraction)

Now if you struggle with diet, this is either harder or easier depending on how you look at it.

The easiest way is to meal prep and/or have a meal plan. Have your meals already ready to go so you have no thoughts about what you need to eat and you don’t have to spend any time cooking. Personally, I bulk cook 3 main macros and then weight it out when it’s time to eat. I have 5lbs of chicken pre made, a few sweet potatoes and some avocados at the ready. Now if I am heading out and will be away from home for a long time I will prep my meals ahead of time with the help of the RP App (again not paid, just a huge fan).

Where people run into issues is they won’t have their meals and it’s just too easy to hop over to a fast food restaurant and get something less desirable.

Again, having a plan is what’s going to set us up for success.

If you find a system that creates consistency, you are that much closer to reaching your goals. You will start seeing results and seeing the new you in the mirror adds more and more momentum. What is the number one reason why people give up? Lack of results. However if you stack the deck in your favor you are guaranteed success.

This lifestyle is a long grind, but if you develop discipline, consistency, sustainability, it becomes that much easier and you are that much closer to having the physique of your dreams.

Head on over to our guides for workout plans, meal prep ideas, and other tips and tricks for success!

As always we are here for you if you have questions, comments, concerns. Please leave a comment or shoot us an email!


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