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A Beginner’s Guide To Home Garage Gym Essentials

Starting out

When starting with your home garage gym, it is best to understand the essentials of equipment you will need for this new endeavor. This guide will help you make informed decisions on how to start building your garage gym. We believes the following is the best equipment for home gym building, and expanding from there on out. In this guide, we will be going over power racks, barbells, and adjustable dumbbells. You can get in a quick full body workout with these different pieces of workout equipment.

What is a power rack and why do you need one in your garage gym

Titan X-3 Power Rack

Power Rack

A power rack is a piece of equipment used in weightlifting that allows you to perform squats, bench presses, shoulder presses, and other exercises safely and effectively. It has adjustable safety pins which keep the barbell from crashing down on you if you fail a lift, and it also has storage for your weights on the side. This is an essential piece of equipment for any garage gym, Titan Fitness and Rogue Fitness makes some of the best racks on the market.

The most important piece of equipment in any weight training set up is a power rack with adjustable safety pins and plate storage. This prioritizes safety first, plus the plate storage helps keep your garage looking clean and gets your weight plates off the floor. The X-3 by Titan Fitness is an excellent choice for anyone starting out, at just under seven feet tall, it is functional as well as very affordable. If you want to go a more economic route, any Titan Series rack will work just fine. This piece of home gym equipment also comes with a pull up bar and you can get in a great upper body workout. These racks can be modified by adding attachments later on; more about that later though. Next you will want a good barbell.

Types of barbells and what to look for when purchasing

Barbells have a broad utility and potential to take your workout to the next level. The possibilities are endless. When purchasing a barbell, there are a few things you need to take into account. First, you need to decide what type of barbell you want. There are two types of barbells: the standard powerlifting bar and the olympic bar. Standard powerlifting bars are more common and have less flex in them, meaning they can handle heavier weight. Olympic bars have more flex in them, which some people prefer as it gives you an increased “whip”, making for a more explosive movement.

Rogue Bar 2.0 Black Zinc

A good barbell can last a lifetime if treated right. All the bars from rogue fitness have been tested by being dropped from a certain height on to cement to ensure they won’t bend even under high weight. This is why you often see videos of people lifting on them by themselves as they are so solid. Another thing to consider is the coating on the bar. The two most popular coatings are zinc and black oxide. Zinc coated bars are cheaper but can rust if not taken care of properly, while black oxide bars do not rust but are more expensive. If you have both the rack and barbell it becomes super easy to get in high intensity interval training and get more calories burned. HIIT training is a fantastic cardio workout.

Adjustable dumbbells – are they worth the investment

Adjustable dumbbells are a great investment for anyone starting out in weightlifting. They offer more variety than a standard barbell, and can be used for a wide range of exercises. They are also adjustable, so you can increase the weight as you progress. The downside is that they can be expensive, especially if you want to purchase a set with high weight capacity. Ultimately, it’s up to individual preference whether or not adjustable dumbbells are worth the investment. My personal preference is the Powerblocks. These are heavy duty, made in the USA adjustable dumbbells that can go up to 175lbs with their pro commercial series. My personal set goes up to 90lbs, which is plenty for me. These can be pricey, but since people are going back to their big box gyms, be on the lookout at places like Craigslist or Offer Up for people reselling their old sets.

PowerBlock USA Elite Series

If you want to go for a cheaper route, Titan Fitness sells adjustable dumbbells that are very cost effective. The only downside to the Titan dumbbells is that it can be very time consuming to adjust the weight. With the PowerBlocks, it takes less that 30 seconds to adjust the weight. In my opinion, they are worth every penny of investment. I take my Powerblocks with me on road trip vacations. This way I can get a quick workout in and not have to spend time trying to find a gym. This is why i believe it is one of the most important pieces for your home garage gym essentials.

What’s the verdict?

A power rack is essential for any garage gym. It allows you to do a variety of exercises such as squats, bench press, and shoulder presses safely. A good quality barbell is also important because it will last a lifetime. If you are looking to start weight lifting then I would just go for the rack, barbell, and weight plates. Adjustable dumbbells are not necessary but can be helpful if you want to vary your workouts. Later on I would recommend having at least one pair of these adjustable dumbbells so your workouts don’t stagnate. You can build up to a full set.

These are all cost effective, space efficient, and will up your fitness level. If you don’t want to buy from these websites, and are looking for a more cost effective option? Check out our post on how to find your next garage gym equipment.

Already have the equipment? Good, set yourself up for success. With these home garage gym essentials, before you know it, you will have your very own compact home gym! Ultimately, it is up to you what pieces of equipment you want in your garage gym!


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